Sví's Beholder Box: "Mim" (cards)

Sví's Beholder Box: "Mim" (cards)

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Named after my FAVORITE character in Bill Peet (and Disney’s) Sword and the Stone , MIM is for all of you with a little HARMLESS cruelty in your heart for lawful good characters. The namesake of this box is Mad Madam Mim, who is VANQUISHED to illness after a WIZARD duel with the (a little TOO) great Merlin. At Item Woodworks a PINK dragon is NOT a make-believe creature. Mim was ROBBED.



Handcrafted Embellishments:

A piston fit - each side is planed by hand so that the box closes on a cushion of self-generating air.  

Held fast - Each box is held shut by rare earth magnets.

A carved top - each box has a hand-carved, bespoke pattern in the carcass top that follows an element of the wood grain.

A thick leather bottom -  for the apex of dice rolling sounds.  Perfect for those BIG rolls and natural 20’s.

Beech wood dots to indicate which side to close the box so that the magnets will align correctly

Card holder dimensions: 89mm x 62mm: for Bridge/Narrow Size cards (89mm x 59mm) (ex. Sushi Go, Munchkin). Standard Poker Playing Cards: 89mm x 64mm.

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