Svi's Beholder Box "Ketil": (dice + figured walnut)

Svi's Beholder Box "Ketil": (dice + figured walnut)


Named after a FAMOUS dwarven brunch spot, KETIL is for all of you lords, ladies, and Mx-es of noshing (literal or metaphysical). This box shows you love gastronomic feats almost as much as critical hits!



Handcrafted Embellishments:

A piston fit - each side is planed by hand so that the box closes on a cushion of self-generating air.  

Held fast - Each box is held shut by rare earth magnets.

A carved top - each box has a hand-carved, bespoke pattern in the carcass top that follows an element of the wood grain.

A thick leather bottom -  for the apex of dice rolling sounds.  Perfect for those BIG rolls and natural 20’s.

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