Remmen Box: "Corym"

Remmen Box: "Corym"


Corym is a box named for Corym Bluff, a frequent elven teen hang out spot above the forest.  It is definitely not a place where any making out happens, or mead drinking, OR hallucinogenic pollen inhaling. It is mostly a place for study groups, clothing swaps, and hanging out while we are all on are phones. Jeez, mom! 

This box is hand-made and held together with a hand-polished brass screw and the top is held with two nickel rare earth magnets. 

Holds dice, writing utensils, and a heroic miniature - perfect as an heirloom display piece or for the player on the go.  

Miniature dimensions: (holds most medium miniatures): 1-1/4” diameter, 2” Depth

Slots: Length: 6-1/2” Width & Depth: 1”

Handcrafted Embellishments:

A hand-buffed finish: Finished with kid-safe Polyx-oil from Osmo.

A hand-polished brass screw.

A carved leaf scallop top pull for the lid.

Wood Type:
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