Norm's Dice Dungeon: Walnut

Norm's Dice Dungeon: Walnut


Dice Dungeon - Norm’s Dice Dungeon is for those of you who appreciate a little light oppression for your poorly rolling dice.  As a fine connoisseur of torture terroir, you will appreciate the luck you produce from your dice after the confinement time of your choosing.  Each handmade hardwood cage comes from reclaimed wood sources.

Handcrafted Embellishments:

Magnets - Did we say magnets?  We meant magic. The dice are easy to retrieve with a floating bar that keeps dice in and makes it easy for you get them out.

Makers Mark - We love saving energy when we can. So instead of an electric brand, each piece we make caries our mark with a subtle metal punch.  No energy required but our own.

Leather Passage - hand-cut leather to keep the dice in the dungeon and to look fancy

Brass Tacks - because we love hardware that has a bit of bling.

Hand Chamfered Edges - We love to keep our work as hand-tooled as possible - less energy, more unique

Unique Embellishments:

Epoxy - some strikingly beautiful wood comes near areas with voids (empty spaces). “Clear” (it has a slight yellowing tone) epoxy is used to strengthen and beautify the wood with see-through sections.

Figure - some of the wood grain on these pieces is wavy and/or burled.  These are very special, and rare pieces. Besides, beauty helps a dungeon feel just a little bit more oppressive.

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