Sví's Beholder Box: "Arûna" (Magic Cards - Tournament deck size)

Sví's Beholder Box: "Arûna" (Magic Cards - Tournament deck size)


Named after the Dwarven word for blessed, (and WHO doesn’t want the BLESSING of a Dwarven QUEEN!), “Arûna“ allows you to transport your cards in DWARVEN INDUSTRY! “Wurm“ holds 80 total double sleeved cards up to 63mm X 93mm. PERFECT for your Magic Tournament deck (60 cards) with room for counters/tokens on top.




Handcrafted Embellishments:

A piston fit - each side is planed by hand so that the box closes on a cushion of self-generating air.  

Held fast - Each box is held shut by rare earth magnets. NOTE: the weight of the cards means you won’t be able to hold it from the top.

A carved top - each box has a hand-carved, bespoke pattern in the carcass top that follows an element of the wood grain.
A thick leather bottom/top -  The perfect scent to color all your victories.

-hand-applied and buffed Osmo Polyx-oil (child toy safety compliant).

Unique to Arûna:

- a connecting grain that follows each side of the box, for both the carcass and inner boxes

- Carbon Black resin/expoy that capture the knot in the top

- maple splines

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