Sví's Beholder Box: "Sûn of Wurm" (Magic Cards - Commander deck Size)

Sví's Beholder Box: "Sûn of Wurm" (Magic Cards - Commander deck Size)


Named after the dreaded offspring that caused the holes in the wood, “Wurm“ allows you to transport your cards in DWARVEN INDUSTRY! “Sûn of Wurm“ holds 100 total double sleeved cards up to 63mm X 93mm. PERFECT for your Magic commander deck (100 cards)/ Tournament deck (60 cards).




Handcrafted Embellishments:

A piston fit - each side is planed by hand so that the box closes on a cushion of self-generating air.  

Held fast - Each box is held shut by rare earth magnets. NOTE: the weight of the cards means you won’t be able to hold it from the top.
A thick leather bottom/top -  The perfect scent to color all your victories.

Unique to Wurm:

- a connecting grain that follows each side of the box, for both the carcass and inner boxes

- Carbon Black resin/expoy that capture the naturally occuring worm holes

- burled grain in the oak

- hand-applied and buffed Osmo Polyx-oil (child toy safety compliant).

- An uncarved quarter-sawn top to highlight the unique and special figure.

- walnut splines

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