Long Live the Piston Fit!


Glorious as the Dwarven Heart.

An intellectual cul-de-sac by Sví Dunhark

We Dwarves have NEVER feared the mechanization of OUR objects and the industrialization of our THRIVING cities.  MORE mining makes for MORE jewels in our pommels and MORE forges make for MORE bronze, copper, silver, and gold in our armor, bridges, and aqueducts.

Iron gears are cast as LARGE as our imagination and shrink in SCALE and RATIO as they become attached to more and more advanced combustion engines that NOW fuel their thirst for spinning with the pistons that turn their crankshafts. Therefore, I, SVÍ, like all dwarves, do not FEAR PROGRESS.

The combustion engine of DWARVEN INDUSTRY is squat and heavy, like a Dwarf.  Powerful, FIREY, and explosive, like a Dwarf. And the PISTON is as GLORIOUS as the Dwarven heart!  It is the PISTON, more than the hammer, the shield, or even the anvil that is the GREATEST invention the Dwarven people have given this world.

Therefore, My Beholder Box for Item Woodworks is a SYMBOL for the physical manifestation of the piston. Of ALL our artisans, my design used the MOST hand tools for precision.  Each inner box is HAND planed to fit.

See for yourself.

NOW, you might say to yourself, SVI, do you not see the IRONY in using hand tools to represent the POWER of a mechanized process?  Metal is strong, precise, accurate, efficient. Shouldn’t you use a tool that is MOTORIZED and uses generated power?

And to that, I say:  FIGHT ME! Your mum was a sniveling milksop!  I challenge YOU to an endurance race while drinking the STRONGEST liquor you can PROCURE and we’ll SEE who of US is more strong, precise, and efficient!  


Then, when tempers calm and we CLASP hands in respect after a battle of constitution, I would say that though you speak TRUTH, there is space for the BEAUTY and FUTILITY of attempting precision with hand tools, your GRIP, and the POWER from your arms.

NOW, this means as the apprentice works on MY boxes - each one will have a different PISTON speed as the box closes.  The eccentricities of hand-made crafts ARE, we feel, part of the CHARM.

I, SVI, am old.  I was born 300 years ago.  Hand tools were the NORM of my tutelage.  The apprentice, in contrast, was born with a VIDEO game controller in his hand and BARELY remembers hand cranking car windows, corded phone lines, and black and white televisions.  Though our lifelines are WILDLY disparate, hand tools are a joy to HIM, and to ME as well after all these years. He has fallen in love with their weight, their scope, their effort, their maintenance, their charm, AND their cost (*This is Svi’s sarcasm.  Very few companies make accurate hand tools the common artisan can afford. We’re looking at YOU, Veritas).

I’m sure I can speak for the apprentice when I say that we BOTH hope that our simple love of handmade objects, the eccentricities of craft, AND the simple beauty of WOOD is an ideal we can share with YOU, your dice, your cards, your roleplay, and your imagination.



Kyle Lange