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Welcome to Item.  Our artisans design handcrafted boxes, holders, and organizers for dice, cards, tabletop, and role-playing games. Each item is unique, and ready to be legendary.

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We use reclaimed wood and take reuse seriously

99.9% of the wood we use comes from four furniture shops and one sawmill in Portland. We have built relationships with these fellow artisans who also take pride in the conservation of materials. We take many of the off-cuts the shops can’t use and put them to use in our work.  The only time our wood isn’t reclaimed is if someone requests a custom job in a wood we don’t currently have! Often, we can still find the stock we need from reclaimed sources anyway.

For our wood, our shop has adopted a size chain sequence plan for continually using scrap for smaller parts until it is too small for use.  That wood is placed in a bin bound for Portland’s compost program.

All plastic, glass, paper, and metal materials are recycled.  We reuse shipping boxes and packing material when we can. The lights in our shop are all LED and the power in our shop comes from our energy company’s renewable only energy source program.